Get Absolute Command of Your Trial Data

Manage large volumes of evidence for litigation, including depositions, transcripts, and electronically stored information (ESI) in a single, integrated environment.

Features include:

  • No charge for native file processing
  • Built-in OCR and PDF to TIFF conversion
  • Color-coded designation management
  • Hyperlinked depositions to supporting documents
  • Automatic exhibit stamping and list generation
  • Premier designation and video tools
  • Built-in presentation tools
  • Electronic exhibit stamping

Access from Anywhere, Even Mobile Devices

Trial Cloud is accessed via any web browser, meaning you can search, review, and edit your trial data whenever, wherever you need. You can even finish your trial preparations on your iPad or mobile device, using all of the advanced features like streaming video depositions, transcripts, and advanced redaction.

Plug an iPad into a projector for a document treatment. Or watch a deposition video while in transit to a court date.

Because all of your data is securely accessed online and not stored locally, there's no risk that losing your laptop or device compromises your evidence. Data is always encrypted, so you can safely and securely make any edits or updates anywhere.

The Best Trial Support Team Available

Nextpoint provides world class support for the most high-stakes litigation. Our professional services group, with over a decade of experience, brings advanced technology and targeted expertise to bear on even the most complicated matters.

  • Remote support or on-site litigation staffing, including in-court hot seating
  • Inspired creative direction and demonstrative concept work
  • Our proven network of litigation support professionals leverage Nextpoint technology and industry-standard tools
  • Highly skilled technical assistance with data volume reduction, upload, production management, and customized data exports for trial prep

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